Shared Hosting Plan – Business – Yearly Plan

1,667.00 د.إ / 12 months

Shared Hosting Plan – Business – Yearly Plan

Shared Hosting Services Yearly Plan

An Advanced Hosting Control PanelOur Internet hosting Control Panel is very fast, very responsive and very intuitive. You will have total authority over your Internet site(s) and domain(s).

A Web Applications InstallerThis software instrument allows you to easily install 40+ preferred web apps like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and many others, with just a single mouse click. You don’t need to download a single thing.

Charge-Free Web Site ThemesSave tons of money on web design services by using any of the 300+ website templates that we offer with every Internet hosting account. The templates are available free of charge and can be installed with only a couple of clicks of the mouse.

A 24/7 Technical Support ServiceOur client support personnel is here to respond to all your enquiries 24×7. We offer a 60-minute response time guarantee, so you no longer have to wait for hours and hours for a support team member to reply – they will get back to you in less than one hour.

A Website Building ToolYou no longer have to possess any programming abilities or specific knowledge so that you can construct an Internet site – with our Website Builder, you can set up a fully operational website in no more than 5 minutes.

A Clustered Web Hosting PlatformAn authentic clustered hosting platform is finally here and you can take advantage of it right away at the price of a standard shared Internet hosting account. The cloud Internet hosting platform will ensure that your Internet site experiences minimal downtime no matter what happens.

UK Hosting

With us, your clients from Britain will enjoy much faster website load speeds. Simply select the UK datacenter on the signup form and we’ll set up your hosting account in one of the most popular datacenters in England. This will bring your web site closer to your visitors, which means much faster web page load speeds. We also offer a ninety-nine point nine percent server uptime guarantee and if you are not happy with the delivered speeds, you can make use of our thirty-day money-back guarantee.

US Hosting

With us, you can select the ideal datacenter location for your US or Canada-oriented sites. All hosting packages displayed on our web site offer you the option to host your web sites in Chicago, IL. Thus, bounce rates will be decreased, whereas your web site’s loading speed will be dramatically increased. You can select the US datacenter on the signup form where you also choose your hosting package. We’ll set up your hosting account in minutes and will send you your login info so that you can access our point-and-click hosting Control Panel. If, for any reason, you are not pleased with the web site load speeds, you can make use of our thirty-day MBG.

AU Hosting

The data center location is as important to the smooth performance of your Australian-oriented site as the availability of enough server resources. Simply pick your desired web hosting plan, then select the Australian data center from the pull-down menu and leave the rest to us. We’ll activate your website hosting very quickly and will provide you with quick access to our proprietary, point ‘n’ click hosting Control Panel. By hosting your website closer to your clients from Australia and Oceania, you ensure that they will enjoy faster site loading speeds. If, however, you are not pleased with the delivered speeds, you can make use of our 30-day money-back guarantee.





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